Privacy policy

General information

This privacy policy declaration serves to inform you about the data management of this website, your rights and obligations.
Since we always strive to keep our website up to date, this privacy policy declaration can and will change regularly.
We therefore advise you to always check whether the privacy policy declaration has changed.
The last processing status of this privacy policy declaration is the 15th of November 2022

SSL connection

We use SSL to transmit encrypted data. You can recognize an encrypted connection by checking if a lock symbol appears in the top left corner of the browser and
if the website is using the "https://" scheme instead of "http://" in the URL. If SSL encryption is activated, the data you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.

Use of personal data

We collect personal data only for the purpose of collecting the statistics that we generate monthly.
After the statistics have been generated, all data for the month is permanently deleted.

Your data will only be listed anonymously in the statistics and it is not possible for us to clearly identify you based on the statistics.
Should you nevertheless wish not to be included in the statistics, you can inform us of this by sending a message by email or by letter.

This data is collected by us and stored anonymously:

  • The time zone of the visitor
  • Browser and browser version
  • the operating system used
  • the host name and the IP address of the device from the visitor
  • Location of the visitor (the position is not the exact position of the accessing device, but that of the nearest Internet hub)
  • Screen resolution
  • Date and time of access
The data will only be passed on to third parties without your consent if we are legally obliged to do so.

Use of cookies

Cookies are data sets that are sent from the web server to the user's web browser and stored there for later retrieval.
You determine whether cookies can be collected by setting your browser in such a way that you are informed before a cookie is saved and that it is only saved if you expressly accept this.
We only use cookies for the purpose of receiving information about the use of our website and for statistical purposes.

The data records do not contain any personal information. It will not be merged with any personal data you have provided.


If you want to order our newsletter, we need your email address and your name; the name is only used to address you personally in the newsletter emails.
This data is only collected for the purpose of being able to send you the newsletter and to document our authorization in this regard.
In addition, we must check, in compliance with the relevant legal regulations, whether you are actually the owner of the specified email address and would like to receive the newsletter. For this purpose we will send you a validation email.

The data will not be passed on to third parties. You can withdraw your subscription to the newsletter and your consent to the storage of your email address at any time here.


You can write comments under each project on this website. The comments are strongly supervised by the administrators of this website.
Any comment that is conflicting with current law will be removed by administrators and we reserve our right, to report the conflicting comment to the police.
The comment function exists to let you write your opinion, or questions regarding specific projects. The comment section should not be used for private discussions or questions. Please use the contact form for such cases.

We store your user name, email address, the comment, your website (if provided) and your IP address on our servers.
The IP address is needed, to provide you with the edit and delete menu. The data is stored, until you decide to remove your comment.
You can do that by selecting the dot-menu at your comment and choose "delete", then all data associated with your comment will be deleted from our servers.

We also provide the function for you to edit your comment after it has been posted.
You can do that by selecting the dot-menu at your comment and choose "edit".
Now you can edit your comment, your name, your email address and your website.


We take your privacy very serious and that's why all IP addresses on our servers are anonymized.
That means, that we can not connect your IP address with you anymore, no trace back to individuals is possible.

Deletion and Archiving of data

You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data from our servers. If you request the deletion, all data associated with you will be removed from our servers and can not be recovered after the deletion.
To do that, simply fill out the contact form and an administrator will get back to you.

External content

We provide links to third-party websites, like Instagram, YouTube and many more. We are not legally accountable for any external content.
These links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only.
We can not guarantee the correctness of the links, nor can we supervise the content of the links all the time.
If you find any broken links, please report them here.

Responsible person

Can Karka
Wisthoffweg 38
45139 Essen

E-Mail address:

Right of providing information

You have the right to receive information about the data stored about you at any time, including the origin and recipient of your data as well as the purpose of the data processing.
Please send your request in a letter or by e-mail to our above addresses.

This privacy policy only applies to the content on our servers and does not include the external websites linked on our website.

Google Fonts privacy policy

We use fonts from Google on our website. The fonts from Google are freely available and in order to use them, our website loads a URL from Google, which only contains the font data.

Google reCAPTCHA privacy policy

We use the reCAPTCHA service from Google. ReCAPTCHA is a service that can verify whether the user is a bot. A bot is a non-human user of a website.
In order to verify that you are not a bot, Google does internal calculations and then sends our website a score.
This score represents the probability of whether you are a bot or not.

The data that are transmitted to Google when the functions are used are managed by Google and Google's privacy policy declaration applies to those functions.

YouTube privacy policy

We use YouTube embedding on our website so that we can also display YouTube videos on our website.
You can also use YouTube's subscribe and like function.

The data that are transmitted to YouTube when the functions are used are managed by Google and Google's privacy policy declaration applies to those functions.

Instagram privacy policy

We use Instagram embedding on our website in order to be able to display Instagram posts on our website.
You can also use Instagram's subscribe and like function.

The data that are transmitted to Instagram when the functions are used are managed by Facebook and Facebook's privacy policy declaration applies to those functions.