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This project originated during my school days and was originally intended for religious studies class. The Simpsons are themed, Moe is nailed to a cross and asks to be let down, at the same time other characters run past him and press a big red button every time they pass, whereupon Moe gets an electric shock every time. Then Lisa Simpson appears and criticizes the cohesion and care of society, whereupon Homer comes and says something like "Oh, a red button" and presses it again. This concludes the sketch and is intended to show that little attention is paid to one another in todays society, but that everyone only wants to assert their own interests. Unfortunately, the project was never completed at the time, because at that time I did not have as much experience. However, I started this project again a few years later because I still think the idea of this sketch is very good. At the moment I have already completed the landscape in which the sketch should take place and I am currently working on the 3D characters so that I can animate them.
300 characters left
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